Markus Eisenbichler is in peak form

Domen Prevc underlines his previous results - Kamil Stoch wins on Sunday

Markus Eisenbichler had a great weekend. On Saturday he achieved the 7th place, after jumping on 137 meters on his second attempt.
The first place was not really a surprise as Domen Prevc (142.5 /141.5 m) reached his third win on the fourth competition of the World Cup 16-17. Daniel Andre Tande from Norway (136m/137.5m) and Stefan Kraft from Austria (137m/135.5m) finished right behind him.

Sunday's competition came with some surprises: For example Domen Prevc missed out a podium place while Markus Eisenbichler (128,5m/135m) achieved the third place and his first ever World Cup top 3 result. Kamil Stoch (134m/130,5m) and Maciej Kot (129,5m/136m) occupied positions one and two.

World Cup Standings (after 5 of 37 competitions):

#1 Domen Prevc – 360 p.
#2 Daniel Andre Tande – 308 p.
#3 Maciej Kot – 247 p.
#4 Severin Freund – 233 p.
#5 Stefan Kraft – 231 p.

#7 Markus Eisenbichler – 188 p.
#13 Karl Geiger – 127 p.
#17 Andreas Wellinger – 64 p.
#18 Richard Freitag - 62 p.
#19 Stephan Leyhe – 53 p.
#33 David Siegel – 12 p.

Dec 12, 2016

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